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100 Club 100 Oxford Street W 1
101 Club Charing Cross Road Wc2
12 Club 12 Denhain Street W1
151 Club 151 King's Road Sw3
1520 A D 17 Swallow Street W1
16 (Hotel) 16 Sumner Place Sw7
167 (Hotel) 167 Old Brompton Road Sw
180 Club 180 Earl1s Court Road Sw5
190 Restaurant 190 Exhibition Road
192 Restaurant 192 Kensington Park Road W11
1l2 Kirkdale Se26
2 Brydges Club 2 Brydges Place Bedfordbury Wc2
20th Century Fox 31 Soho Square W1
27 B C Club 27 Surmyhill Road Sw 16
32 (Hotel) 32 St. George's Drive Sw1
33 Restaurant 33 St. James's Street Sw1
414 Club 414 Coldharbour Lane Sw9
43 Club 43 Leigham Court Road Sw16
58 Club 58 Peclatam High Street Se
6 Stringer Lodge Clapham Road
606 Club 90 Lots Road Sw I 0
7 Dials Community Club 27 Shelton Street Wc2
79 Club Oxford Street W1
903 Club 903 Old Kent Road Sel4
A B T A Newan Street 55
A C A S Brandon House Marshalsea Rd iw Borough High Street SEl
Abaxeon Hotel 100 Stroud Green Road N4
Abbey Business Centre 13/15 Ingate Place Sw8
Abbey Court 36 Abbey Road Nw8
Abbey Estate Bel size Road Nw6
Abbey House 217/229 Baker Street Nw1
Abbey House Garden Road Nw8
Abbey House Hotel II Vicarage Gate W8
Abbey Lane Industrial Estate Canning Road El 5
Abbey Lodge Park Rpad Nw8
Abbey School For Speakers 16 Gafyere Street Sw1
Abbeycourt Hotel I 7A Sussex Gardens W2
Abbeyfield Estate Abbeyfield Road Se 16
Abbot House 14/22 Vale Royal N7
Abbots Court Thackeray Street W8
Abbots House 59 St. Mary Abbot's Terrace W14
Abbots Manor Estate Alderney Street Sw1
Abbotsbury House Abbotsbury Road W14
Abbott House 1/2 Hanover Street W1
Abbott House Nighfingale Lane Sw12
Abbotts Chambers 202/204 Bishopsgate Ec2
Abbotts Hotel 283/285 Willesden Lane Nw2
Abeat Cini Club Caledonian Road N1
Abell House John islip Street
Abeone Hotel I 0 Ashburn Gardens Sw7
Aber Hotel 89 Crouch Hill N8
Abercorn House Norman Road Se 1 0
Abercorn Mansions 17 Abercorn Place Nw8
Abercorn Place Estate Abercorn Place Nw8
Aberdare Lodge 64 Aberdare Gardens Nw6
Aberdeen Court Maids Vale W9
Aberdeen Mansions Kenton Street Wcl
Abford House 15 Wilton Road Sw1
Abingdon Court 17 Abingdon Villas W8
Abingdon Gardens Abingdon Villas W8
Abingdon Mansions Abingdon Road W8
Abingdon The 54 Abingdon Road W8
Abinger House Great Doyer Street Sd
Abney Park Cemetery Stamford Hill N16
Abolition OfVivisectionBritish Union For The 16a Crane GroveN7
Aboyne Estate Garratt Lane Sw17
Absalon House 5 Billiter Street Ec3
Acacia Court Leigham Court Road Swl6
Acacia Hotel 14 Oueensberry Place Sw7
Acacia House 155/163 Breakspears RoadSe4
Acacia Industrial Estate Howard Road E11
Acadamy Fitness Hoxton Squar N1
Academic House 24/28 Oval Road Nw1
AcademY 65 ~otel) 65 Shepherd's Bush Road W6
Academy Of Indian Dance 16 Flaxman Terrace Wc 1
Academy Of St. Martins In The Fields Raine House Raine Street El
Acaderny House C9llege 198 Finchley Road Nw3
Accademia Italiana 24 Rutland Gate Sw7
Accept 724 Fulhani Road Sw6
Accounting Technicians Association Of 154 Clerkenwell Road Ec1
Accurist House 44 Baker Street WI
Ackroydon Estate Park Side Wimbledon Sw19
Acol Bridge Club 86 West End Lane Nw6
Acol Court Acol Road Nw6
Acorn Estate Rotherhithe Street Se 16
Acorn House 314 Gray's Inn Road Wc 1
Acorn Place Estate Meeting House Lane Se15
Acre House 69/76 Long Acre Wc2
Acre House I 0 Acre Lane Sw2
Action For Blind People 14 Verney Road Se16
Action For Children 85 Highbury Park NS
Action For South Mrica Penton Street N1
Acton Cemetery Park Royal Road W3
Acton Central Station Churchfield Road N1
Acton Estate Queensbridge Road E8
Acton Hospital 46 Gunnersbury Lane W3
Acton House 48 Lee Street E8
Acton Magistraites Winchester Street W3
Acton Mosque 223 Oldham Terrace W3
Acton Park Hotel 1 16.The Vale W3
Acton Park Industrial Estate Stanley Gardens W3
Acton Police 250 High Street Acton W3
Acton Police Stone Road W3
Actors Benevolent Fund 6 Adam Street Wc2
Actors Church (St. Paul's) Inigo Place Bedford Street Wc2
Actors Institute 137/149 Goswell Road Eci
Actors Retreat St. John St.326
Actuaries Institute Of Staple Inn Hall High Holborn Wc1
Actuaries Livery Company i6acadogan Square Sw1
Acuba House Acuba Road Sw18
Acupuncture British College Of 8 Hunter Street Wc 1
Acupuncture College Of 8 Hunter Street Wc1
Acupuncture London School Of 60 Bunh ill Row Ec1
Ada Court 10/16 Mai Da Vale W9
Ada House Ada Place E2
Ada Lewis Hostel I Dalmeny Avenue N7
Ada Street Workshops 8 Andrews Road E8
Adadeeus Centre Shirland Road W9
Adair Tower Appleford Road W1 0
Adams Gardens Estate St. Marychurch Street Se 16
Adare Hotel 153 Sussex Gardens W2
Adarns Hotel 82 Gloucester Place W1
Adastra House hong Lane Se1
Adath Yisroel Synagogue 40 Queen Elizabeth's Walk N16
Addison Court Brondesbury Road N 16
Addison House Grove End Road Nw8
Addison Park Mansions Lakeside Road W14
Addy House Rotherhithe New Road Se16
Adeiphi I/li John Adam Street Wc2
Adelaide Centre Putney Bridge Road Sw15
Adelaide Court Hill Road Nw8
Adelaide House 112 Portobello Road W11
Adelaide House London Bridge Ec4
Adelphi Hotel 127/129 Cromwell Road Sw7
Adelphi Press Effie Road Sw6
Adelphi Theatre 410/411 strand Wc2
Adler Street Workshops 1/13 Adler Street E1
Adlerhouse 27tavstocksquare Wc1
Admiral Codrington 17 Mossop Street Sw3
Admirals Court Horselydown Lane Se1
Admirals Walk Estate Trundley's Road Se8
Adolphus Hotel 5 Gloucester Drive N4
Adria Airways 49 Conduit Street W1
Adt College Portinscale Rd/west Hill
Advanced Legal Studies Institute Of 17 Russell Square Wc1
Advanced Motorists Institute Of 359 Chiswick High Road W4
Advertising Association 15 W1lton Road Sw1
Advertising Standards Authority Brooke House 2 Torrington Place WC1
Advisory Conciliation & Arbitration Service Brandon House Se1
Aerodrome Business Centre Aerodrome Road Nw9
Aeroflot 70 Piccadilly W 1
Aerolineas Argentinas 54 Conduit Street W1
Aeronautical Society Hamilton Place 4
Aetnahouse 2pentonvilleroad N1
Africa Centre 38 King Stree Wc2
Africa House 64/78 Kingsway Wc2
African Continental Bank 24/28 Aoorgate Ec2
African Development Bank 60 Moorgate Ec2
Aftonhouse Bourneplace W4
Agar Grove Estate Agar Grove Nw1
Age Concern 1268 London Road Sw16
Age Concern Sekforde Street Ec 1
Agency The 112 St. Martin's Lane Wc2
Agf House 4 ibotolph Lane Ec3
Aghanistan Embassy 3 Iprinces Gate Sw7
Agip House Ebury Bridge Road Sw1
Agnes House Hayter Road Sw2
Agnes Keyser House 55/58 Beaumont Street W1
Agra Restaurant 135/137 Whitlield Street W1
Aidgate Mosque 9/I lclrristian Street E1
AIdwych House 71/91 Aldwych Wc2
AIdwych Theatre 49 AldWich Wc2
Aihambra House 27/3 icharing Cross Road Wc2
Aims For Industry 40 Doughty Street Wc1
Ainsty Estate Albion Street Se16
Ainsworth Estate Boundary Road Nw8
Ainsworth House Kilburn Lane W10
Aint Nothin' But 20 Kingly Street W 1
Aintree Estate Dawes Road Sw6
Air Algerie 10 Baker Street W1
Air Atlantis 602 Kingston Road Sw2O
Air Botawana 177 Tottenham Court Road W1
Air Canada 7/8 Conduit Street W1
Air China 41 Grosvenor Gardens Sw1
Air France Colet Court Hammersmith Road W6
Air India 17/18 New Bond Street W1
Air Lanka 22 Regent Street W1
Air Malta 314/316 Upper Richmond Road Sw15
Air Malta House 314/316 Upper Richmond Road Sw15
Air Mauritius 49 Conduit Street W1
Air Narnibia 1 Approach Road Sw20
Air New Zealand 77 Fulham Palace Road W6
Air Pilots & Navigators Livery Company 29Igray's Inn Road Wc 1
Air Zimbabwe Colette House 52 Piccadilly W1
Aircraft Owners & Pilots Assoc. 50a Cambridge Stret Sw1
Aird House Grange Road Se 1
Airlie House 17 Airlie Gardens W8
Airlines Hotel 19/2 ipenywern Road Sw5
Airways Hotel 29/31st. George's Drive Sw1
Ajimura Restaurant 51/53 Shelton Street Wc2
Al Basha Restaurant 222 Kensington High Street W8
Al Bustan Restaurant 27 Motcomb Street Sw1
Al Hamra Restaurant 31 Shepherds Market W1
Al San Vincenzo Restaurant 30 Connaught Street W2
Alan House 55/59 Saffron Hill Ec1
Alan Preece Court Brondesbury Park Nw6
Alaska Building Business Park Grange Road Se16
Alaska House Rockingham Street Se1
Alastair Little Restaurant 49 Frith Street W1
Alba Restaurant 107 Whitecross Street Ec1
Alban Gate Wood Street Ec 1
Alban Gate Wood Street Ec3
Albans Close 12a Leigham Court Road Sw16
Albany 20 St. John's Avenue Sw15
Albany Albany Courtyard Piccadilly W 1
Albany Court I Abbey Road Nw8
Albany Empire Theatre Douglas Way Se8
Albany Fitness Club St. Bede's Hall Albany Street Nw1
Albany Hotel 34 Tavistock Place Wc1
Albany Hotel 4/12 Barkston Gardens Sw5
Albany House 324/326 Regent Street W1
Albany House 84/92 Petty France Sw1
Albany Mansions Albert Bridge Road Sw11
Albany Street Police 60 Albany Street Nw1
Albatross Hotel 13 Talbot Square W2
Albemarle House I Albemarle Street W 1
Albemarle Mansions Heath Drive Nw3
Albero & Grana Restaurant 89 Sloane Avenue Sw3
Albert Bigg Point 5 Abbey Lane E1 5
Albert Bridge House Albert Bridge Road Sw1 1
Albert Buildings 49 Queen Victoria Street Ec4
Albert Court 353 Edgware Road W2
Albert Court Kensington Gore Sw7
Albert Dock (Seamens Hospital) Ainwick Road E 16
Albert Gate Court 124 Knightsbridge Sw1
Albert Gate South Carriage Drive Sw1
Albert Hall Mansions Kensington Gore Sw7
Albert Hotel 191 Queen's Gate Sw7
Albert House 7 Kennington Lane Se11
Albert Lodge 35 & 37 Regent's Park Road Nwl
Albert Mansions Albert Bridge Road Sw11
Albert Mansions Crouch Hill N8
Albert Mansions Luxhorough Street WI
Albert Mansions Rosetta Street Sw8
Albert Square Clapham Road Sw8
Albert Square Forest Lane El 5
Albert The 52 Victoria Street Sw1
Alberta Estate Alberta Street Se17
Alberta House I Mount Street W1
Albery Mansions 349 Liverpool Road N1
Albery Theatre St. Martin's Lane Wc2
Albion Brewery 333/335 Whitechapel Road El
Albion Court Hotel 1/3 Trebovir Road SwS
Albion Estate Swan Road Se16
Albion Gate Hyde Park Place W2
Albion House 1/18 Watson's Strret SeS
Albion House 20 Queen Elizabeth Street Se1
Albion House 55/59 New Oxford Street Wc1
Albion House Hotel 29 Argyle Square Wc 1
Albion I 0 Thonihill Road N1
Albion Wharf 2 Lombard Road Sw11
Albro House Hotel 155 Sussex Gardens W2
Alcock House Queen's Drive N4
Alcohol Studies Institute Of 12 Caxion Street Sw1
Alder Court Leigham Court Road Sw16
Alder House Breakspears Road Se4
Alder House I Aldersgate Street Ed
Alderbsrook Estate Aldersbrook Road E12
Aldermanbury House I Aldermanbury Ec2
Aldermans House Aldermans Walk Ec2
Aldermary House 10/15 Queen Street Ec4
Aldersbrook Lawn Tennis Club Blake Hall Crescent E
Aldgate House 33 Aidgate High Street Ec3
Aldvvych Buildings Parker Street Wc2
Aldwyn House Davidson Gardens Sw8
Aleksic Private Hotel 36 Glenthorne Road W6
Alex Gossip House Basuto Road Sw6
Alexander Court Belgrade Road N1 6
Alexander Court Wandsworth Common Sw19
Alexander Fleming Museum St. Mary's Hospital Praed Street W2
Alexander Hotel 13 Belgrave Road Sw1
Alexander Hotel 9 Sunmer Place Sw7
Alexander House 81/89 Farringdon Road Ec4
Alexander House Hotel 32 Hugh Street Sw1
Alexandra Court 171/175 Queen's Gate Sw7
Alexandra Court Maida Vale W9
Alexandra Gate Kensington Road Sw1
Alexandra Hotel 159 Sussex Gardens W2
Alexandra House 17/19 Queen Square Wc 1
Alexandra House 29 Kingsway Wc2
Alexandra House 3 Bow Lane Ec3
Alexandra House 30 St. Mary's Terrace W2
Alexandra House 53 New Bond Street Ec2
Alexandra House Nursing Home 12 Clifton Road Sw19
Alexandra Mansions Beaufort Street Sw3
Alexandra Mansions Chichele Road Nw2
Alexandra Mansions Middle Lane N8
Alexandra Mansions West End Lane Nw6
Alexandra Palace Rink Alexandra Park Park Road N5
Alexandra Palace Wood Green N22
Alexandra Palace & Pavilion Alexandra Park Wood Green N22
Alfa Hotel 104 Hammersmith Grove W6
Alfa Hotel 78/80 Warwick Way Sw1
Alford House Stanhope Road N6
Alfred Estate Alfred Street E3
Alfred Hurley House Blackshaw Road Sw1 7
Alfred Nunn House Chadwick Road Nw 10
Alfred Restauaant 245 Shafteshury Avenue Wc2
Algemene Bank Nederland N. V.6 lthreadneedle Street Ec2
Algeria Embassy 54 Holland Park W 11
Alharnbra private hotel 17/19 Argylestreet Wc1
Alice Court Deodar Road Sw15
Aliens Registration Office lo Lamb's Conduit Street Wc 1
Alison House 16a Croxley Road W9
Alisonhousehotel S2eburystreet Sw 1
Alisop & Co. 27 Soho Square W1
Alistair Greig's Grill Restaurant 26 Bruton Place W1
Alitalia 27 Piccadilly W1
All Baba Restaurant 32 Ivor Place Nw1
All Bois St. Jean Restaurant 122 St. John's Wood High Street Nw8
All Bon Accueil Restaurant 19/21 Elystan Street Sw3
All Ed Irish Bank 12 Old Jewry Ec2
All England Lawn Tennis Church Road Sw19
All Hallows by The tower Byward Street Ec3
All Hallows By The Tower Byward Street Ec3
All Nations Club 4 Martello St. ES
All Nippon Airways Ana House 68 Old Bond Street
All Saint's House 46 All Saint's Road W11
All Saints Greek Orthodox Church Camden Street Nw1
All Saints Restaurant 12 All Saints Road W11
All Saints Station East India Dock Rd E14
All Souls'church 2 Langham Place W 1
Allanbridge Bethune Road N16
Allandalehotel 3devonshireterrace W2
Allcotr House Du Cane Road W12
Allen House Allen Street W8
Allen House Suffolk Road Se25
Allen Mansions Allen Street W8
Allen Mcauliffe House Approach Road E2
Alley Club Cock Tavern Highbury Corner N5
Alleyn's Townley Road Se22
Alleyn Court 123/1 27 Sussex Gardens W2
Alliance Club 44/45 Newi.ngton Green N1
Alliance House 12 Caxion Street Sw1
Alliance House 29 High Holborn Wc1
Allied Arab Bank Granite House 97/lOlcannon Street Ec4
Allied Bank of Pakistan 14 Trinity Square Ec3
Allied Banking Corporation 114 Rochester Row Sw1
Allied Dunbar House New Cavendish Street 120
Allingham Court 196 Haverstock Hill Nw3
Almeida Theatre Almeida Street N1
Alone In London 188 King's Cross Road Wc 1
Alpha Business Centre South Grove E1 7
Alpha Club 330 Brockley Road 5e4
Alpha Court Raglan Street Nw5
Alpha House I Ashbridge Street Nw8
Alpine Club 55 Charlotte Road Ec2
Altior Court 74/76 Shepherd's Hill N6
Alton House 177 High Holborn Wc2
Alton West Estate Danebury Avenue Sw 15
Alumni Court Gainsford Street Sel
Alvanley Court 244 Finchley Road Nw3
Alvey Estate East Street Se 17
Alwyne Mansions Alwyne Road Sw17
Alzheimers Disease Society Gordon House 10 Greencoat Place Swl
Amalgamated Engineering Union 110 Peckham Road Se15
Amateur Boxing Association National Sports Centre Anerley Hill S1i9
Amateur Rowing Association 6 Lower Mall W6
Ambassador Court 17/19 Craven Terrace W2
Ambassador Court Holmdale Road Nw6
Ambassador House Canton Hill Nw8
Ambassadors Hotel 16 Collingham Road Sw5
Ambassadors Theatre West Street Wc2
Amber Hotel bilexham Gardens W8
Ambika House 9 Portland Place W1
Ambleside Augustus Street Nwi
America Embassy 24 Grosvenor Square W 1
America House 2 America Square Ec3
American Airlines 15 Berkeley Street W 1
American Broadcasting Corporation 8 Carburton Street W1
American Chamber Of Commerce 75 Brook Street W1
American Church In London The 79 Tottenham Court Road W1
American Club 95 Piccadilly W1
American College In London Marylebone Lane Nw1
American Express Bank Limited 60 Buckingham Palace Road Sw1
American Express Haymarket 6
American Express Travel Unit 23 Wlliteleys Centre I51 Queenway W2
American School In London 2/8 Loudoun Road Waverley Place Nw8
American Steak House Restaurant 170 Victoria Street Sw3
American Womens Club 68 Old Brompton Road Sw7
Americana Hotel 172/174 Gloucester Place Nw1
Amesis House 9 Wapping Lane E 1
Amhurst Court Amhurst Park N 16
Amigo House Morley Street Sel
Amnesty International leaston Street Wcl
Amnesty International (13ritish Section) 99 Rosebery Avenue Ec1
Ampthill Square Estate Eversholt Street Nwi
Amsterdam Hotel 7 Trebovir Road Sw5
Amtrack American Railroads 2 Cinnamon Row Sw13
Amwell Court Estate 216/218 Green Lanes N4
Anaesthetists Association Of 9 Bedford Square Wc 1
Anaesthetists Royal College of 48 Russell Square Wc1
Anchor Brewery Mile End Road E1
Anchor Brewhouse Shad Thames Se1
Anchor Court Thrales Street Se 1
Anchor Hotel 10 West Heath Drive Nw1 1
Anchor House 15 Britten Street Sw3
Anchor House Prince Regent Lane E1 6
Anchor Tap 20a Horselydown Lane Se1
Anchor The Bank End Se1
Anchor Wharf The Highway E1
Anchorage Point West Ferry Road E14
Anderson House Du Cane Road W12
Andora Court Brondesbury Park Nw6
Andover Estate Andover Road N7
Andrew's House Hotel 12 Westhourne Street W2
Andrew Edmunds Restaurant 46 Lexington Street W1
Andrew Sketchley Theatre Whitechapel Road E1
Andrewes House Fore Street Ec2
Andrews House Fellows Road Nw3
Andridge House 24/28 Convent Gardens W1 1
Anernos Restaurant 32 Charlotte Street W1
Anethatists Association Of Bedford Sq 9
Aneurin Bevan House Tredegar Road N11
Angel Centre St. John Street Ec1
Angel Court 195 Borough High Street Se 1
Angel Gate 326 City Road Ec 1
Angel Ph I Olbermondsey Wall East Se 16
Angel Square 4/34 Islinton High Street N1
Angelina House Goldsmith Road Se15
Angell Town Estate Overton Road Sw9
Angels Social & Pool Club I Parkfield Street N1
Anglia House 66 Salmon Lane E1 4
Anglia Television 48 Leicester Square Wc2
Anglo Belgian Club 60 Knightsbridge Sw1
Anglo German Association & Foundation 18 Conduit Street W1
Anglo Romanian Bank 42 Moorgate Ec2
Angola Embassy 98 Park Lane W1
Animal Medical Centre 242 Cricklewood Lane Nw2
Animal War Memorial Cambridge Avenue Nw6
Animals Dispensary 48 Uxbridge Road W7
Anlaby House 74 Shoreditch High Street El
Anna's Place Restaurant 90 Mildmay Park N1
Anna Hotel 74 Oueensborough Terrace W2
Anna Scher Theatre 70172 Barnsbury Road NI
Annabel's Club 44 Berkeley Square W1
Annandale House Hotel 39 Sloane Gardens SwI
Anne Goodman House Jubilee Street El
Ansell House Mile End Road El
Anson Court Anson Road Nw2
Anson Hall Chichele Road Nw2
Antelope Tavern 22 Eaton Terrace Sw1
Antholim House 7 lqueen Street Ec4
Anthony House Ashbridge Street Nw8
Anthony Nolan Trust Heathgate Building Agincourt Road Nw3
Antifvivisection League 26igoldhawk Road W12
Antigallican 155 Tooley Street Se1
Antigua House 15 Thayer Street WI
Antigua & Barbudahigh Commision 15 mayer Street W1
Antique Dealers Association British 20 Rutland Gate Sw7
Anti/Apartheid Movement 13 Mandela Street Ec1
Anti/Slavery Society For The Protection of Human Rights 4 The Stable Yard Sw9
Antony House Barihorough Street Se14
Antrim House Antrim Road Nw3
Antrim Mansions Antrim Road Nw3
Anvil Club Shipwrightts Yard Tooley Street Se1
Anz Banking Minerva House Montague Close Se 1
Apollo Hotel 18/22 Lexham Gardens W8
Apollo Hotel 43 Argyle Street Wc1
Apollo Hotel 64 Queensborough Terrace W2
Apollo Industrial Business Centre Trundley's Road
Apollo Theatre 31 shaftesbury Avenue W1
Apollo Victoria Theatre 17 Wilton Road Sw1
Apothecaries Livery Company Apothecaries Hall Blackfriars Lane Ec4
Applause House 67 Long Acre Wc2
Apple & Pears Verney Way Se16
Appleby House 46 St James's Place Sw1
Appleford House Bosworth Street W1O
Appleford Islip Street Nw5
Approach South Bank Se1
Apsley House 149 Piccadilly W1
Apsley House Finchley Road Nw8
Apsley House Stepney Way E1
Aquarius Golf Club Marmora Road Se22
Aquarius Hotel 20/22 Hogarth Road Sw5
Arab Bank 118 Kensington High St. W8
Arab Banking Corporation 1/5 Moorgate Ec2
Arab Banking Corporation House I Moorgate Ec2
Arab British Chamber Of Commerce 6 Beigrave Square Sw1
Arab Hall Holland Park Rd W14
Arab National Bank 47 Seymour Street W1
Arab Press Centre 184 High Holbom Wc1
Arab Press House 184 High Holborn Wc I
Arahella Court 45 Marlborough Place Nw8
Arama Hotel 200 Sussex Gardens W2
Arbitrators Chartered Institute Of 24 Angel Gate Ec1
Arbitrators Livery Company Skinners Hall 8 Dowgate Hill Ec4
Arbor Court Lordship Road N1 6
Arbour Square Police 34 East Arbour Street E 1
Arbuthnot Wpc Memorial Hans Crescent Sw1
Arcadian Lodge Hotel 332 Green Lanes N4
Archaelogy institute Of 31/34 Gordon Square Wc I
Archbishop's House 150 St. George's Road Se 1
Archbishop's House Ambrosden Avenue Sw1
Archbishop Tenison Grammar School 55 Kennington Se11
Archduke Restaurant Concert Hall Approach Se1
Archduke Wine Bar Under The Arches Concert Hall
Archer House 116 Portobello Road W1 1
Archer Street Studio Works 10 & II Archer Street W
Archery Fields House Wharton Street Wc 1
Archery London School Of 34a Ponsonby Place Sw1
Arches Leisure Centre Trafalgar Road Se1O
Archies Club 57 Newington Green Road N1
Architechs Association Bedford Square 34
Architects & Surveyors Institute 4 iqueen's Gate Sw7
Architectural Association 34 Bedford Square Wc1
Architecture Bartletr School Of 22 Gordon Street Wc1
Architecture Foundation The 30 Bury Street Sw1
Architecture Prince Of Wales Institute Of 14 Gloucester Gate Nwl
Archway Heights Archway Road N6
Arden Estate Pitfield Street N1
Arden Hotel 10/12 St. George's Drive Sw 1
Arden House 107 Earl's Court Road W8
Arden House Grantham Road Sw9
Ardent House 320 Rornan Road E3
Arena House 66 Pentonville Road N 1
Argentine Embassy 53 Hans Place Sw1
Argos Court Southey Road Sw9
Argyle Estate Victoria Drive Sw1 9
Argyle House 29/3 leuston Road Nwl
Argyle Mansions Seven Sisters Road N7
Argyll House 246/250 Regent Street W1
Argyll Mansions 303/305 King's Road Sw3
Argyll Mansions 55 Hammersmith Road W14
Argyll Restaurant The 316 King's Road Sw3
Ariana Mghan Airlines 169 Piccadilly W1
Ariel Court 294 Goldhawk Road W12
Arirang Restaurant 31 Poland Street W1
Arista Records 423 New Kings Road
Arisugawa Restaurant 27 Percy Street W1
Arizona Club 134 Marylebone Road Nw1
Ark Restaurant 122 Palace Gardens Terrace W8
Ark Restaurant 35 Kensington High Street W8
Ark The Wilson's Road W6
Arklow Trading Estate Arklow Road Se14
Arkwright Mansions 206 Finchley Road Nw3
Arlecchino Restaurant 8 Hiligate Street W8
Arlington House 17/20 Arlington Street Sw1
Arlington Lodge Brixton Hill Sw2
Armadores House 69 70 Mark Lane Ec3
Armenia Embassy 25 Cheniston Gardens W8
Armenian Church Ivema Gardens W8
Armoured R.H.Q. Elverton Street Sw1
Armourers & Brasiers Livery Company 8lcoleman Street Ec2
Armoury House 32 City Road Ec 1
Armoury Sports Hall 23 25 Pond Street Nw3
Arms College Of Oueen Victoria Street Ec4
Armsby House Stepney Way E1
Armstrong House Manor Fields Sw1S
Army Benevolent Fund 4 iqueen's Gate Sw7
Army & Navy Club St James Sq/Pall Mall
Arndale Estate Neville Gill Close Sw18
Arne House Tyers Street Se 11
Arnhem Wharf West Ferry Road E14
Arnold Estate Druid Street Se 1
Arnold House 36/41 holywell Lane Ec2
Arnold House Edbrooke Road W9
Arnold Mansions Queen's Club Gardens W14
Arran Hotel 77 Gower Street Wc 1
Arrol House Rockingham Street Se 1
Arrow House 27/3 iwhitehali Sw1
Arrowsmith House Tyers Street Se 11
Arsenal Football Club Avenell Road NS
Arsenal Nightclub Mountgrove Road N5
Art Bronze Foundry I Michael Road Sw6
Art Depot Livery Company 26 Pancras Road N1
Art Royal College Of Kensington Gore Sw7
Art Workers Guild 6 Queen Square Wc1
Artesian House Artesian Road W2
Artfiill Dodger P.H. E1. Royal Mint Street E1
Arthritis & Rheumatism Council 25 Bradiston Road W9
Arthur Castle House 33 Creechurch Lane Ec3
Arthur Court Oueensway W2
Arthur Dealtin House Woodseer Street E1
Arthur Grove Estate Arthur Grove Se19
Arthur Punshon Tower 9 Oliver Close E1 0
Arthur Wade House Baroness Road E2
Arthur West House Prince Arthur Road Nw3
Artillery Group H.Q. Artillery Place Woolwich Se18
Artillery House 7 Artillery Row Sw1
Artillery Mansions 75 Victoria Street Sw1
Artillery Museum Rotunda Greenhill Se1S
Arton Wilson House 85 Roehampton Lane Sw15
Arts Club 40 Dover Street W1
Arts Council 14 Great Peter Street Sw1
Arts Educational School The Cone Ripman House Bath Road W1 4
Arts In Therapy & Education institute For 15 Windsor Street N1
Arts Royal Academy Of Burlington House Piccadilly W1
Arts Royal Society Of 8 John Adam Street Wc2
Arts Theatre Club Theatre 6/7 Great Newport Street Wc2
Arts Threshold Theatre 170 Gloucester Terrace W2
Arts & Authors Club Dover Street. 40
Arttull Dodger P.H. Southgate Rd N1
Aruarant Clinic 80 Lambeth Road Sel
Arundel Court 43 Arundel Gardens W1 1
Arundel Court Jubilee Place Sw3
Arundel Great Court 8 Arundel Street Wc2
Arundel Hotel 6/8 Arundel Terrace Sw1 3
Arundel House 13 & iS Arundel Street Wc2
Arundel House Halton Road N1
Arundel Lodge Landseer Road N 19
Arundel Mansions 544 Fuiham Road Sw6
Arundel Mansions Arundel Terrace Sw1 3
Arvon Court 3/5 Tichborne Row W2
Asalossa Restaurant 265 Eversholt Street Nw1
Ascot's Restaurant Berkshire Hotel Marylebone Lane W1
Ascot Court Clapham Park Road Sw4
Ascot Court Grove End Road Nw8
Ascot Hotel II Craven Road W2
Ascot House Redliul Street Nwl
Ascot Lodge 9/i igreville Place Nw6
Ascott Apartmnts The 49 Hill Street W1
Ash Court 52 Junction Road N1 9
Ash Court Leighton Grove Nw5
Ash Lodge 80 St. Kilda's Road N 16
Ash Lodge Northbourne Road Sw4
Ash (Action On Smoking & Health) 109 Gloucester Place W1
Ashburn Hotel III Cromwell Road Sw7
Ashburnham Mansions Ashburnham Road Sw1O
Ashburnitam Tower Whistler Walk SwlO
Ashburton Estate Chartfield Avenue Sw1S
Ashby Court Lisson Grove Nw8
Ashcroft Square King Street W6
Ashdown House 123 Victoria Street Sw1
Ashleigh House Mortlake High Street Sw14
Ashley Court Frognal Lane Nw3
Ashley Court Morpeth Terrace Sw 1
Ashley Gardens Abrosden Avenue
Ashley Hotel 15 Norfolk Square W2
Ashley Mansions 254 Vauxhall Bridge Road Sw1
Ashmead Business Centre North Crescent E3
Ashton Heights Horniman Drive Se23
Ashtons Club Cricklewood Broadway Nw2
Ashworth Mansions Elgin Avenue W9
Asia House 31133 Lime Street Ec3
Asian Times 139 Fonthill Road N4
Asiatic Society Royal 60 Queen's Gardens W2
Aske House Fanshaw Street N1
Askean Sports Club 60 Broad Walk Se3
Asker House Tuinell Park Road N7
Askew Mansions Askew Road W1 2
Aslef Arkwright Road.
Aspinalls 28 Curzon Street W1
Aspreys 165 New Bond Street W1
Assay Office Gutter Lane Ec2
Assets House Elverton Street Swl
Associated Newspapers 2 Derry Street W8
Associated Press 12 Norwich Street Ec4
Associated Press House 12 Norwich Street Ec4
Association For The Unification Of World Christians 44 Lancaster Gate W2
Astell House Astell Street Sw3
Astell Street Sw3 Rowcross Street Se1
Aster House Hotel 3 Sumner Place Sw7
Asthma Research Council Street Providence Place Upper Street N1
Astley House Gypsy Road Se27
Aston Court Hotel 25 Matheson Road W14
Aston Grove Hotel 112 Grove Road E I 7
Aston House Hotel 44 Ebury Street Sw1
Aston House II 0 Portobello Road W11
Astor College 99 Charlotte Street W1
Astor Court 20 Hallam Street W1
Astor House 26/30 Craven Hill Gardens W2
Astor House 95 Aldwych Wc2
Astor Museum Hotel Montague Stree Wc1
Astoria 157 Charing Cross Road Wc2
Astoria Hotel 39 St. George's Drive Sw1
Astoria Mansions Streatham High Road Sw16
Astoria Theatre Charing Cross Road Wc2
Astors Hotel 110/112 Ebury Street Sw1
Astra Palace Hotel 2 Sydenham Hill Se26
Astral House 125/129 Middlesex Street E1
Astronomical Association British Burlington House Piccadilly WI
Atelier Restaurant 41 Beak Street W1
Athena Court 2 Finchlcy Road Nw8
Athenaeum Club Waterloo Place Sw1
Athenaeum Court Highbury New Park N6
Athenaeum Hotel 116 Piccadilly W1
Athenaeum Vale Of Health Nw3
Athene House 66/73 Shoe Lane Ec4
Atherstone Court Lord Hills Road W2
Atherton Leisure Centre Romford Rd E15
Athione Estate Athione Street Nw5
Athione House (Middlesex Hospital) 60 Hampstead Lane N6
Atholl House 125 Maida Vale W9
Atkinson House Austin Road Sw1 1
Atkinson House Austin Road Sw11
Atkinson Morley's Hospital 31 copse Hill Sw2O
Atkinson Morley's Hospital 31 copse Hill Sw2O
Atkinson Morley's Hospital Hostel Copse Hill Wimbledon Sw20
Atkinson Morley's Hospital Hostel Copse Hill Wimbledon Sw20
Atlantic 252 74 Newman Street W1
Atlantic 252 74 Newman Street Wl
Atlantic Bar Glasshouse Street W1
Atlantic Bar Glasshouse Street W1
Atlantic Hotel Devonshire Terrace W1
Atlantic Hotel Devonshire Terrace W1
Atlantic House 35 loxford Street W 1
Atlantic House 35 loxford Street W 1
Atlantic House Charterhouse Street Ec 1
Atlantic House Charterhouse Street Ec 1
Atlantic Radio Newman Street W1
Atlantic Radio Newman Street W1
Atlantic Restaurant Bar & Grill 20 Glasshouse Street W1
Atlantic Restaurant Bar & Grill 20 Glasshouse Street W1
Atlantic Wharf The Highway E1
Atlantic Wharf The Highway E1
Atlas Business Centre Oxgate Lane Nw2
Atlas Business Centre Oxgate Lane Nw2
Atlas House I King Street Ec2
Atlas House I King Street Ec2
Atlas (Hotel) 24/30 Lexham Gardens W8
Atlas (Hotel) 24/30 Lexham Gardens W8
Atrium Building 25 Dowgate Hill Ec4
Atrium Building 25 Dowgate Hill Ec4
Atrium Itestaurant The 4 Milibank Sw1
Atrium Itestaurant The 4 Milibank Sw1
Auberge Dc Provence Restaurant St. James's Court Hotel 51 Buckingham Gate Sw1
Auberge Dc Provence Restaurant St. James's Court Hotel 51 Buckingham Gate Sw1
Aubergine Restaurant 11 Park Walk SwlO
Aubergine Restaurant 11 Park Walk SwlO
Aubert Court Aubert Park N5
Aubert Court Aubert Park N5
Aubrey House 7 Maida Avenue W2
Aubrey House 7 Maida Avenue W2
Aubrey Mansions Lisson Street Nw1
Aubrey Mansions Lisson Street Nwi
Aubrey Moore Point 22 Abbey Lane E15
Aubrey Moore Point 22 Abbey Lane E15
Audiology Centre Swinton Street Wc1
Audiology Centre Swinton Street Wci
Audit House 58 Victoria Embankment Ec4
Audit House 58 Victoria Embankment Ec4
Audley Court 32/34 Hill Street W1
Audley Court 32/34 Hill Street W1
Audley Mansions 44 Mount Street W1
Audley Mansions 44 Mount Street W1
Audrey House Ely Place Ec1
Audrey House Ely Place Ec1
Augustine House Austin Friars Ec2
Augustine House Austin Friars Ec2
Augustus Court 21/23 Tite Street Sw3
Augustus Court 21/23 Tite Street Sw3
Augustus Court Augustus Road Sw19
Augustus Court Augustus Road Sw19
Augustus House Augustus Street Nw1
Augustus House Augustus Street Nwi
Auntie's Restaurant 126 Cleveland Street W1
Auntie's Restaurant 126 Cleveland Street W1
Auon Estate Alton Road Sw15
Auon Estate Alton Road Sw15
Auriol Mansions Edith Road W14
Auriol Mansions Edith Road W14
Austalia House Strand Wc2
Austalia House Strand Wc2
Austen House Cambridge Road Nw6
Austen House Cambridge Road Nw6
Austin Friars House 2/6 Austin Friars Ec2
Austin Friars House 2/6 Austin Friars Ec2
Austin House Achilles Street Se14
Austin House Achilles Street Sei4
Austrailiari P.H. Milner Street Sw3
Austrailiari P.H. Milner Street Sw3
Austral House Basinghall Avenue Ec2
Austral House Basinghall Avenue Ec2
Australaisian Express 52 Earl's Court Road W8
Australasian Express 52 Earl's Court Road W8
Australia High Corrunision Australia House Strand Wc2
Australia High Corrunision Australia House Strand Wc2
Australia & New Zealand Banking Group 5 Minerva House Montague Close Sd
Australia & New Zealand Banking Group 5 Minerva House Montague Close Se1
Australian Bar Maiden Lane Wc2
Australian Bar Maiden Lane Wc2
Australian Broadcasting Corporation 54 Portland Place W1
Australian Broadcasting Corporation 54 Portland Place W1
Austria Embassy 18 Belgrave Mews West Sw1
Austria Embassy 18 Belgrave Mews West Sw1
Austrian Airlines 10 Wardour Street W1
Austrian Airlines 10 Wardour Street W1
Austrian Catholic Centre 29 Brook Green W6
Austrian Catholic Centre 29 Brook Green W6
Austrian Institute 28 Rutland Gate Sw7
Austrian Institute 28 Rutland Gate Sw7
Authors Club 40 Dover Street W1
Authors Club 40 Dover Street W1
Authors Society Of 84 Drayton Gardens Sw1O
Authors Society Of 84 Drayton Gardens Sw1O
Autistic Society National 26lgoldhawk Road W1 2
Autistic Society National 26lgoldhawk Road Wl 2
Autocue House 265 Merton Road Sw18
Autocue House 265 Merton Road Sw18
Avalon Hotel 46/47 Cartwright Gardens Wc 1
Avalon Hotel 46/47 Cartwright Gardens Wc 1
Avebury Estate Turin Street E2
Avebury Estate Turin Street E2
Avenfield House 1181127 Park Lane W1
Avenfield House 1181127 Park Lane W1
Avenue Close Avenue Road Nw8
Avenue Close Avenue Road Nw8
Avenue Court Draycott Avenue Sw3
Avenue Court Draycott Avenue Sw3
Avenue Hall Avenue Road N6
Avenue House 18/26 All Souls Avenue Nw 10
Avenue House All itsen Road Nw8
Avenue House Belsize Park Gardens Nw3
Avenue House King's Avenue Sw4
Avenue House The Avenue Nw6
Avenue Industrial Estate Justin Road E4
Avenue Lodge Avenue Road Nw8
Avenue Lodge Hotel 20 Avenue Road N 15
Avenue Mansions Alexandra Park Road N1 0
Avenue Restaurant St Jamess St Sw1
Avenue West Eleven Restaurant 157 Notting Hill Gate W1 1
Averard Hotel 10/11 lancaster Gate W2
Avery House Redcross Way Se 1
Avia Hotel 350 Finchley Road Nw3
Avianca Columbian Airlines 162 Regent Street W1
Aviation House 129 Kingsway Wc2
Avoca House (Hotel) 43 Belsize Park Nw3
Avon Court 34 Keswick Road Sw15
Avon Hotel 50 Norfolk Square W2
Avon House 360/366 Oxford Street W1
Avon House Clissold Crescent N 16
Avon House Offord Road NI
Avondale House Mortlake High Street Sw14
Avondale Mansions Rostrevor Road Sw6
Avondale Square Estate Old Kent Road Se1
Avonhurst House 194 Willesden Lane Nw6
Avonley Hall Landor Road Sw9
Avonley Village Avonley Road Se14
Avonmore Hotel 57 Cartwright Gardens Wc1
Avonmore Hotel 66 Avonmore Road W14
Avonmore Mansions Avonmore Road W14
Avonmore Village Avonmore Road W14
Avro House 7 Havelock Terrace Sw8
Awdry House I ikingsway Wc2
Axis Business Centre Hogarth Lane W4
Axtell House 23 Wanvick Street W1
Aykoku/Kaku Restaurant 9 Walbrook Ec4
Aylesbury Estate East Street Se17
Aylesford House Long Lane Se 1
Aylmer Court Aylmer Road N2
Aylton Estate Risdon Street Se 16
Aylwin Estate Grange Walk Se1
Ayshford House Viaduct Street E2
Ayton House Edmund Street Se5
Azalea House Achilles Street Se14
Aziziye Turkish Mosque 117/119 Stoke Newington Road N16
A.B.C. Hotel l2lsussex Gardens W2
A.D.T. College 100 West Hill Sw15
A/Z Mansions (N1ckname) Queen's Club Gardens W14

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