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KNOWLEDGE of LONDON - Blue Plaques


Abbas  -  Ali Mohammed  Barrister and one of the founders of Pakistan  33 Tavistock Square  WC1 

Adam  -  Robert  British architect  3 Robert Street  WC2 

Adams  -  Henry Brooks  American historian  98 Portland Place  W1 

Adams  -  John  2nd American president  9 Grosvenor Square  W1 

Adams-Acton  -  John  British sculptor  14 Langford Place  NW8 

Alexander  Sir  George  Actor-manager  57 Pont Street  SW1 

Allenby  Field Marshal  Edmund Henry Hyman  Field marshal  24 Wetherby Gardens  SW5 

Alma-Tadema  Sir  Lawrence  Dutch-born painter  4 Grove End Road  NW8 

Ambedkar  Dr  Bhimrao Ramji  Indian crusader for social justice  10 King Henry's Road  NW3 

Anderson  -  Elizabeth Garrett  First woman registered as a doctor and surgeon in the UK London Guildhall University, Commercial Road 

Ashfield  Lord  Albert Henry Stanley  First chairman of London Transport  43 South Street  W1 

Ashley  -  Laura  British designer  83 Cambridge Street  SW1 

Asquith  Earl  Herbert Henry  British prime minister  27 Maresfield Gardens  NW3 

Asquith  Earl  Herbert Henry  British prime minister  20 Cavendish Square  W1 

Astafieva  Princess  Seraphine  Ballet dancer  152 King's Road  SW3 

Astor  Viscountess  Nancy Witcher Langhorne  American-born British politician  4 St James's Square  SW1 

Austen  -  Jane  British novelist  23 Hans Place  SW1 

Austen  -  Jane  British novelist  10 Henrietta Street  WC2 

Avebury  Baron  John Lubbock  British banker and politician  29 Eaton Place  SW1 

Ayer  Professor, Sir  Alfred Jules  British philosopher  51 York Street  W1 

Babbage  -  Charles  British mathematician, astronomer and computer pioneer  Corner of Larcom Street and Walworth Road  SE17 

Babbage  -  Charles  British mathematician, astronomer and computer pioneer  Dorset Street  W1 

Bacon  -  Francis  Irish-born British artist  7 Cromwell Place  SW7 

Baden-Powell  Baron  Robert Stephenson Smythe  British general and founder of the scout movement  9 Hyde Park Gate  SW7 

Bagehot  -  Walter  British banker, writer and economist  12 Upper Belgrave Street  SW1 

Bagnold  -  Enid  British Novelist and Playwright  29 Hyde Park Gate  SW7 

Baillie  -  Joanna  British poet and dramatist  Bolton House, Windmill Hill, Hampstead  NW3 

Baird  -  John Logie  British engineer who first developed television  3 Crescent Wood Road, Sydenham  SE26 

Baird  -  John Logie  British engineer who first developed television  22 Frith Street  W1 

Baird  -  John Logie  British engineer who first developed television  132-5 Long Acre  WC2 

Bairnsfather  -  Bruce  British cartoonist  1 Sterling Street  SW7 

Balcon  Sir  Michael  British film producer  57a Tufton Street  SW1 

Baldwin  Earl  Stanley  British prime minister  93 Eaton Square  SW1 

Balfe  -  Michael William  Irish-born composer  12 Seymour Street  W1 

Banks  Sir  Joseph  British botonist  32 Soho Square  W1 

Barbauld  -  Anna Laetitia  British poet and author  113 Stoke Newington Church Street  N16 

Barbirolli  Sir  John  British conductor and cellist  Bloomsbury Patk Hotel, Southampton Row  WC1 

Barbon  -  Nicholas  Architect  Essex Hall, Essex Street  WC2 

Barbosa  -  Ruy  Brazilian statesman and lawyer  17 Holland Park Gardens  W14 

Baring  Sir, Earl  Evelyn  British statesman, diplomat and colonial administrator  36 Wimpole Street  W1 

Baring  Sir  Francis  Merchant and banker  Manor House Library, Old Road, Lee  SE13 

Barlow  -  William Henry  Engineer  "Highcombe", 145 Charlton Road  SE7 

Barnardo  Dr  Thomas John  Irish-born philanthropist  58 Solent House, Ben Johnson Road  E1 

Barnardo  Dr  Thomas John  Irish-born philanthropist  30 Coborn Street  EC3 

Barnett  Dame  Henrietta  Founder of Hampstead Garden Suburb  Heath End House, Spaniards Road  NW3 

Barnett  Canon  Samuel  Founder of Toynbee Hall  Heath End House, Spaniards Road  NW3 

Barratt  -  Thomas J.  Historian of Hampstead  East Heath Road  NW3 

Barrie  Sir  J.M. (James)  Novelist and dramatist  100 Bayswater Road  W2 

Barrie  Sir  J.M. (James)  Novelist and dramatist  1-3 Robert Street, Adelphi  WC2 

Barry  Sir  Charles  British architect  The Elms, Clapham Common North Side  SW4 

Bartok  -  Bela  Composer  7 Sydney Place  SW7 

Basevi  -  George  Architect  17 Savile Row  W1 

Bateman  -  Henry Mayo  Australian-born cartoonist  40 Nightingale Lane  SW12 

Bax  Sir  Arnold Edward Trevor  British composer  13 Pendennis Road, Streatham  SE16 

Baxter  -  George  British engraver, printer and illustrator  City University, Northampton Square  EC1 

Baxter  -  George  British engraver, printer and illustrator  Charlecote Grove entrance, Baxter Field, Sydenham  SE26 

Baylis  -  Lilian Mary  Theatre Manager  27 Stockwell Park Road  SW9 

Bazalgette  Sir  Joseph William  British civil engineer  17 Hamilton Terrace  NW8 

Beardsley  -  Aubrey Vincent  British illustrator  114 Cambridge Street  SW1 

Beaton  Sir  Cecil  British photographer and designer  21 Langland Gardens  NW3 

Beatty  Earl  David  British naval commander  Hanover Lodge, Outer Circle  NW1 

Beauclerk  Lady  Diana  Artist and illustrator  The Adelphi  WC2 

Beaufort  Sir  Francis  British naval officer and hydrographer  51 Manchester Street  W1 

Beck  -  Harry  Originator of the London Underground map  Finchley Central station  N3 

Becket  -  Thomas a  Saint and martyr  90 Cheapside  EC2 

Beecham  Sir  Thomas  British conductor and impresario  31 Grove End Road  NW8 

Beerbohm  Sir  Max  Artist and Writer  57 Palace Gardens Terrace  W8 

Bello  -  Andre  Venezuelan patriot, poet, jurist and philologist  58 Grafton Way  W1 

Belloc  -  Hilaire  French-born British Poet, Essayist and Historian  104 Cheyne Walk  SW10 

Benedict  Sir  Julius  German musician and composer  2 Manchester Square  W1 

Benes  Dr  Edward  Czechoslovak politician  26 Gwendolen Avenue, Putney  SW15 

Ben-Gurion  -  David  Polish-born Israeli politician  75 Warrington Crescent  W9 

Bennett  -  Arnold  British Novelist  75 Cadogan Square  SW1 

Bennett  Sir  William Sterndale  British composer and pianist  38 Queensborough Terrace  W2 

Benson  -  E.F. (Edward Frederic)  Writer  25 Brompton Square  SW3 

Bentham  -  George  British botanist  25 Wilton Place  SW1 

Bentley  -  John Francis  British architect  43 Old Town, Clapham  SW4 

Berlioz  -  Hector  French composer  58 Queen Anne Street  W1 

Besant  -  Annie  British theosophist, social reformer and promoter of birth contro  39 Colby Road  SE19 

Besant  Sir  Walter  British writer and social reformer  18 Frognal Gardens  NW3 

Billig  Dr  Hannah  Physician  198 Cable Street  E1 

Binney  Captain, CBE  Ralph Douglas  Courageous man who confronted violent men in a shop raid  Birchin Lane  EC3 

Blackwell  Dr  Elizabeth  British-born physician   Royal Free Hospital, Pond Street, Hampstead  NW3 

Blake  -  William  British poet, artist, engraver and visionary  8 Marshall Street  W1 

Blake  -  William  British poet, artist, engraver and visionary  37 Woolstone Road  SE23 

Blake  -  William  British poet, artist, engraver and visionary  23 Hercules Road  SE1 

Blake  -  William  British poet, artist, engraver and visionary  17 South Molton Street  W1 

Blake  -  William  British poet, artist, engraver and visionary  'Old Wyldes', North End, Hampstead  NW3 

Bligh  Captain  William  Captain of the Bounty  100 Lambeth Road  SE1 

Bligh  Captain  William  Captain of the Bounty  Reardon Street  E1 

Bliss  Sir  Arthur  British composer  East Heath Lodge, 1 East Heath Road  NW3 

Bloomfield  -  Robert  British poet  Kent House, Telegraph Street  EC2 

Blumlein  -  Alan Dower  British electronics engineer and inventor  37 The Ridings, Ealing  W5 

Bolan  -  Marc  Lead singer of T Rex  25 Stoke Newingon Common  N16 

Bolivar  -  Simon  Latin American statesman and patriot  4 Duke Street  W1 

Bomberg  -  David  British artist  10 Fordwych Road  NW2 

Bonar Law  -  Andrew  Canadian-born British prime minister  24 Onslow Gardens  SW7 

Bonham-Carter  Lady, Baroness  Violet  British politician and writer  43 Gloucester Square  W2 

Bonhoeffer  -  Dietrich  German Lutheran theologian  2 Manor Mount, Forest Hill  SE23 

Bonn  -  Leo  Founded what is now the Royal National Institute for feaf people  22 Upper Brook Street  W1 

Booth  -  Charles  Pioneer of social research  6 Grenville Place  SW7 

Boothby  Lord, Baron  Robert John Graham  Private secretary to Winston Churchill  1 Eaton Square  SW1 

Borrow  -  George  Author  22 Hereford Square  SW7 

Boswell  -  James  British author and biographer  122 Great Portland Street  W1 

Boswell  -  James  British author and biographer  8 Russell Street, Covent Garden  WC2 

Boult  Sir  Adrian Cedric  British conductor  78 Marlborough Mansions, Canon Hill  NW6 

Braidwood  -  James  Superintendent of the London Fire Brigade killed on duty at the great fire of 27th June 1861  33 Tooley Street  SE1 

Brailsford  -  Henry Noel  British socialist author and politcal journalist  27 Belsize Park Gardens  NW3 

Brain  -  Dennis  Horn player and organist  37 Frognal Gardens, Hampstead  NW3 

Brangwyn  Sir  Frank  Artist  51 Queen Caroline Street  W6 

Bridge  -  Frank  British composer and conductor  4 Bedford Gardens  W8 

Bridgeman  -  Charles  Landscape gardner to George II and Queen Caroline  54 Broadwick Street  W1 

Bridgeman  -  Charles  Landscape gardener to George II  54 Broadwick Street  W1 

Bright  -  John  British liberal politician  69 Fleet Street  EC4 

Bright  -  Richard  British physician  11 Saville Row  W1 

Brittain  -  Vera Mary  British writer  58 Doughty Street  WC1 

Brittain  -  Vera Mary  British writer  11 Wymering Mansions, Wymering Road  W9 

Britten  Sir  Benjamin  British composer  8 Halliford Street  N1 

Britten  Sir  Benjamin  British composer  45a St John's Wood High Street  NW8 

Britton  -  Thomas  British coal merchant and musician  Jerusalem Passage  EC1 

Brockway  Lord  Archibald Fenner  British socialist politician and founder of CND  60 Myddelton Square  EC1 

Brooke  Sir  Charles Vyner  Last rajah of Sarawak (Borneo)  13 Albion Street  W2 

Brooks  -  James  British architect  42 Clissoid Crescent  N16 

Brougham  Lord  Henry Peter  Whig politician and lawyer  5 Grafton Street  W1 

Brown  -  Ford Maddox  British Pre-Raphaelite painter  56 Fortress Road, Kentish Town  NW5 

Brown  -  Robert  British botanist and pioneer of plant classification  32 Soho Square  W1 

Browning  -  Elizabeth Barrett  British poet and wife of Robert Browning  99 Gloucester Place  W1 

Browning  -  Elizabeth Barrett  British poet and wife of Robert Browning  50 Wimpole Street  W1 

Browning  -  Robert  British poet and husband of Elizabeth Browning  29 De Vere Gardens  W8 

Browning  -  Robert  British poet and husband of Elizabeth Browning  Warwick Crescent  W2 

Browning  -  Robert  British poet and husband of Elizabeth Browning  179 Southampton Way  SE5 

Bruckner  -  Anton  Austrian composer  City Gate House, 39-45 Finsbury Square  EC2 

Brummell  -  George Bryan (Beau)  British dandy and fashion leader  4 Chesterfield Street  W1 

Brunel  -  Isambard Kingdom  Civil engineer  98 Cheyne Walk  SW10 

Brunel  Sir  Marc Isambard  Civil engineer  98 Cheyne Walk  SW10 

Buchanan  -  Jack  Actor, dancer and manager  44 Mount Street  W1 

Buckingham  Duke  -  British politician and courtier  Newcastle Court, College Hill  EC4 

Burgoyne  General  John  British soldier and playwright  10 Hertford Street  W1 

Burke  -  Edmund  Irish-born British politician  37 Gerrard Street  W1 

Burne-Jones  Sir  Edward Coley  British artist  41 Kensington Square  W8 

Burne-Jones  Sir  Edward Coley  British artist  17 Red Lion Square  WC1 

Burne-Jones  Sir  Edward Coley  British artist  Samuel Richardson House, North End Crescent  W14 

Burnett  -  Frances Hodgson  British-born writer of Little Lord Fauntleroy and The Secret Garden  63 Portland Place  W1 

Burney  -  Fanny (Madame D'Arblay)  British novelist and diarist  11 Bolton Street  W1 

Burns  -  John  British socialist politician  110 North Side, Clapham Common  SW4 

Burtt  -  John  A founder of the Hoxton Market Christian Mission  Hoxton Market  N1 

Burtt  -  Lewis  A founder of the Hoxton Market Christian Mission  Hoxton Market  N1 

Butt  Dame  Clara  British contralto  7 Harley Road  NW3 

Butterfield  -  William  British architect  42 Bedford Square  W1 

Byron  Lady  Anne  Founder of the Co-operative School and wife of the poet  Thames Valley University, St Mary's Road  W5 

Caldecott  -  Randolph  British illustrator of children's books  46 Great Russell Street  WC1 

Calman  -  Mel  Cartoonist and writer  64 Linthorpe Road  N16 

Campbell  -  Colen  British architect  76 Brook Street  W1 

Campbell  -  Patrick  British actress  33 Kensington Square  W8 

Campbell  -  Thomas  British poet  8 Victoria Square  SW1 

Campbell-Bannerman  Sir  Henry  British prime minister  6 Grosvenor Place  SW1 

Canaletto  -  Giovanni Antonio Canal  Venetian painter  41 Beak Street  W1 

Canning  -  George  British prime minister  50 Berkeley Square  W1 

Carlile  Prebendary  Wilson  Founder of the church army  34 Sheffield Terrace  W8 

Carlyle  -  Thomas  British historian and essayist  33 Ampton Street  WC1

Carlyle  -  Thomas  British historian and essayist  24 Cheyne Row  SW3 

Carlyle  -  Thomas  British historian and essayist  33 Ampton Street  WC1 

Carte  -  Richard D'Oyly  British theatrical impressario  The Adelphi  WC2 

Carter  -  Howard  Egyptologist who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun  19 Collingham Gardens  SW5 

Caslon  -  William  British typefounder  21-3 Chiswell Street  N1 

Catherine of Aragon  -  -  1st wife of King Henry VIII  49 Bankside  SE1 

Cavafy  -  Constantine  Greek poet  14-15 Queensborough Terrace  W2 

Cavell  -  Edith Louisa  British nurse  London hospital, Whitechapel  E1 

Cavendish  -  Henry  British physicist  11 Bedford Square  WC1 

Cayley  Sir  George  British engineer and inventor  20 Hertford Street  W1 

Cecil  Viscount  Robert  British politician, president of the League of Nations and winner of the Nobel peace prize  16 South Eaton Place  SW1 

Challoner  Bishop  Richard  British Roman Catholic prelate and writer  44 Old Gloucester Street  WC1 

Chamberlain  -  Arthur Neville  British prime minister  37 Eaton Square  SW1 

Chamberlain  -  Joseph  British politician  188 Camberwell Grove  SE5 

Chamberlain  -  Joseph  British politician  25 Highbury Place  N5 

Chaplin  Sir  Charlie  British actor, comedian, film star and director  287 Kennington Road  SE11 

Chaplin  Sir  Charlie  British actor, comedian, film star and director  277 Walworth Road  SE17 

Chaplin  Sir  Charlie  British actor, comedian, film star and director  39 Methley Street  SE11 

Charles  -  Elizabeth Rundle  Author  Coombe Edge, Branch Hill  NW3 

Chateaubriand  Vicomte de  Francois Rene  French statesman and writer  Paddington Street Gardens, Paddington Street  W1

Chatterton  -  Thomas  British poet  39 Brooke Street  EC1 

Cheesman  -  Wallace Bligh  British trade union leader  8 Highbury Grange  N5 

Chesterton  -  G.K. (Gilbert Keith)  Poet, Novelist and Critic  11 Warwick Gardens  W14 

Chevalier  -  Albert  Music hall comedian  1 St Ann's Villas  W11 

Chichester  Sir  Francis Charles  British yachtsman and navigator  9 St James's Place  SW1 

Chippendale  -  Thomas  British furniture designer and craftsman  61 St Martin's Lane  WC2 

Chisholm  -  Caroline  British-born social worker and philanthropist  32 Charlton Place  N1 

Chopin  -  Frederic  Polish composer and pianist  4 St James's Place  SW1 

Chopin  -  Frederic  Polish composer and pianist  99 Eaton Place  SW1 

Christie  Dame  Agatha Mary Clarissa  British novelist  Christie Cottage, Cresswell Place  SW10 

Churchill  Lord  Randolph Henry Spencer  British statesman and father of Sir Winston Churchill  2 Connaught Place  W2 

Churchill  Sir, KG  Winston  British prime minister  28 Hyde Park Gate, Kensington Gore  SW7 

Clayton  Reverend  Philip Thomas Byard  Founder of the 'TOC H' Christian fellowship  43 Trinity Square  EC3 

Clementi  -  Muzio  Composer  128 Kensington Church Street  W8 

Cockerell  -  Charles Robert  British architect and antiquary  13 Chester Terrace  NW1 

Cole  Sir  Henry  Campaigner, educator and first director of the Victoria and Albert Museum  33 Thurloe Square  SW7 

Colleridge  -  Samuel Taylor  British poet and writer  71 Berners Street  W1 

Colleridge  -  Samuel Taylor  British poet and writer  3 The Grove  N6 

Colleridge  -  Samuel Taylor  British poet and writer  7 Addison Bridge Road  W14 

Collins  -  Michael  Irish nationalist and Sinn Fein leader  5 Netherwood Road  W14 

Compton-Burnett  Dame  Ivy  Novelist  5 Braemar Mansions, Cornwall Gardens  SW7 

Conrad  -  Joseph  Polish-born naturalised British novelist  17 Gillingham Street  SW1 

Constable  -  John  British landscape painter  40 Well Walk  NW3 

Constable  -  John  British landscape painter  Mansion Gardens West Heath Road  NW3 

Constable  -  John  British landscape painter  2 Lower Terrace  NW3 

Cook  Captain  James  British navigator and explorer  326 The Highway  E1 

Cook  Captain  James  British navigator and explorer  88 Mile End Road  E1 

Copeman  -  Sydney Monkton  British physician  57 Redcliffe Gardens  SW10 

Coward  Sir  Noel Pierce  British actor, playwright and composer  17 Gerald Road  SW1 

Crane  -  Walter  Artist  13 Holland Street  W8 

Crapper  -  Thomas  British plumber attributed with the invention of the syphonic toilet flush  12 Thornsett Road  SE20 

Cripps  Sir  Stafford  Statesman  32 Elm Park Gardens  SW10 

Crompton  Colonel  Rookes Evelyn Bell  Soldier  48 Kensington Court  W8 

Crookes  Sir  William  Scientist  7 Kensington Park Gardens  W11 

Daniell  -  Thomas  British artist (landscape painter)  14 Earls Terrace  W8 

Darwin  -  Charles Robert  originator of the theory of evolution  Biological Science Building, University College London, Gower Street  WC1 

Day-Lewis  -  Cecil  Irish-born poet and Poet Laureate  6 Crooms Hill, Greenwich  SE10 

De Gaulle  -  Charles Andre Joseph Marie  French president  4 Carlton Gardens  SW1 

De Gaulle  -  Charles Andre Joseph Marie  French president  99 Frognal, Hampstead  NW3 

De Morgan  -  Evelyn  Artist  127 Old Church Street  SW3 

De Morgan  -  William  Ceramic artist and novelist  127 Old Church Street  SW3 

Defoe  -  Daniel  British writer of Robinson Crusoe  95 Stoke Newington Church Street  N16 

Devine  -  George  British actor and stage director  9 Lower Mall, Hammersmith  W6 

Dickens  -  Charles  Novelist  26 Wellington Street  WC2 

Dickens  -  Charles  Novelist  141 Bayham Street  NW1 

Dickens  -  Charles  Novelist  6 Chandos Place  WC2 

Dickens  -  Charles  Novelist  15-17 Marylebone Road  NW1 

Dickens  -  Charles  Novelist  BMA House, Tavistock Square  WC1 

Dickens  -  Charles  Novelist  92 North Road, Highgate  N6 

Dickens  -  Charles  Novelist  Prudential Buildings, High Holborn  WC1 

Dickens  -  Charles  Novelist  14 Great Russell Street  WC1 

Dickens  -  Charles  Novelist  48 Doughty Street  WC1 

Dickens  -  Charles  Novelist  1 Devonshire Terrace  W2 

Dickinson  -  Goldsworthy Lowes  Author and humanist  11 Edwardes Square  W8 

Dilke  Sir  Charles Wentworth  Statesman and author  76 Sloane Street  SW1 

Disraeli  Earl  Benjamin  British prime minister  22 Theobalds Road  WC1 

Dobson  -  Frank  Sculptor  14 Harley Gardens  SW10 

Dobson  -  Henry Austin  Poet and essayist  10 Redcliffe Street  SW10 

Donat  -  Robert  British actor  8 Meadway  NW11 

Doyle  Sir  Arthur Conan  British novelist and creator of Sherlock Holmes  2 Upper Wimpole Street  W1 

Doyle  Sir  Arthur Conan  British novelist and creator of Sherlock Holmes  12 Tennison Road  SE25 

Drysdale  Dr  Charles Vickery  A founder of the Family Planning Association  153a East Street, Walworth  SE17 

Du Pre  -  Jacqueline  British cellist  5a Pilgrim's Lane, Hampstead  NW3 

Du Pre  -  Jacqueline  British cellist  27 Upper Montague Street  W1 

Dyson  Sir  Frank Watson  British astronomer  6 Vanbrugh Hill, Blackheath  SE3 

Eisenhower  -  Dwight David  34th American president  31 St James's Square  SW1 

Eisenhower  -  Dwight David  34th American president  20 Grosvenor Square  W1 

Elgar  Sir  Edward  British composer  51 Avonmore Road  W14 

Elgar  Sir  Edward  British composer  42 Netherhall Gardens  NW3 

Elgar  Sir  Edward  British composer  Abbey Studios, Abbey Road  NW8 

Eliot  -  George  Novelist  4 Cheyne Walk  SW3 

Eliot  -  George  Novelist  Holly Lodge, 31 Wimbledon Park Road  SW18 

Eliot  OM  T.S.  American-born British Poet  24 Russell Square  WC1 

Eliot  OM  T.S.  American-born British Poet  3 Kensington Court Gardens  W8 

Elizabeth II  Her Majesty Queen  Elizabeth  Queen, born here  17 Bruton Street  W1 

Evans  Dame  Edith  British actress  109 Ebury Street  SW1 

Fenton  -  Roger  British photographer and founder of the Royal Photographic Society  2 Albert Terrace, Primrose Hill  NW1 

Fildes  Sir  Samuel Luke  Artist  31 Melbury Road  W14 

Fitzroy  -  Admiral Robert  Hydrographer and meteorologist  38 Onslow Square  SW7 

Flanagan  -  Bud  Comedian  12 Hanbury Street  E1 

Fleming  Sir  Alexander  Discoverer of penicillin  20a Danvers Street  SW3 

Fleming  -  Ian Lancaster  British novelist and creator of James Bond  22 Ebury Street  SW1 

Ford  -  Ford Madox  Novelist and critic  80 Campden Hill Road  W8 

Forester  -  C.S. (Cecil Scott)  British novelist  58 Underhill Road  SE22 

Forster  -  E.M. (Edward Morgan)  British novelist and critic  9 Arlington Park Mansions, Sutton Lane  W4 

Fortune  -  Robert  Btitish horticulturist  9 Gilston Road  SW10 

Foscolo  -  Ugo  Italian author and poet  19 Edwardes Square  W8 

Franklin  -  Benjamin  American statesman, scientist and negotiator for American independence  36 Craven Street  WC2 

Franklin  -  Rosalind  Pioneeer of the study of molecular structures including DNA  Donovan Court, Drayton Gardens  SW10 

Franklin  -  Rosalind Elsie  Pioneer in the study of molecular structures  Donovan Court, Drayton Gardens  SW10 

Freake  Sir  Charles James  Builder and patron of the arts  21 Cromwell Road  SW7 

Freud  -  Sigmund  Austrian neurologist and psychoanalyst  20 Maresfield Gardens  NW3 

Froude  -  James Anthony  Historian  5 Onslow Gardens  SW7 

Gage  -  Thomas  British soldier  41 Portland Place  W1 

Galsworthy  -  John  Writer  1-3 Robert Street  WC2 

Gandhi  -  Mahatma  Indian leader and campaigner for independence  Kingsley Hall, Powis Road  E3 

Gandhi  -  Mahatma  Indian leader and campaigner for independence  20 Baron's Court Road  W14 

Garthwaite  -  Anna Maria  Designer of Spitafields silks  2 Princelet Street, Spitafields  E1 

Gaskell  -  Elizabeth Cleghorn  Novelist  93 Cheyne Walk  SW10 

Gilbert  Sir  W.S.  Dramatist  39 Harrington Gardens  SW7 

Gilbert  Sir  W.S. (William Schwenck)  British humorist and librettist  39 Harrington Gardens  SW7 

Gillies  Sir  Harold  British surgeon  71 Frognal, Hampstead  NW3 

Gissing  -  George  Novelist  33 Oakley Street  SW3 

Gladstone  -  William Ewart  British prime minister  11 Carlton House Terrace  SW1 

Godwin  -  George  Architect, journalist and social reformer  24 Alexander Square  SW3  

Goossens  -  Eugene  Violinist and conductor  70 Edith Road  W14 

Goossens  Sir  Eugene  Composer and conductor  70 Edith Road  W14 

Goossens  -  Leon  Oboist  70 Edith Road  W14 

Grahame  -  Kenneth  Author of Wind in the Willows  16 Phillimore Place  W8 

Grainger  -  Percy  Australian composer, folklorist and Pianist  31 King's Road  SW3 

Graves  -  Robert  British novelist and poet  1 Lauriston Road, Wimbledon  SW19 

Greaves  -  Walter  Artist  104 Cheyne Walk  SW10 

Gresley  Sir  Nigel  British locomotive engineer  West Offices, King's Cross Station  NW1 

Grimaldi  -  Joseph  Clown  56 Exmouth Market  EC1 

Groom  -  John  British philanthropist  8 Seckforde Street  EC1 

Groser  Reverand  St John  Priest and social reformer  Royal Foundation of St Katherine, 2 Butcher Row  E14 

Halifax  Earl  Edward Frederick Lindley Wood  British statesman  86 Eaton Square  SW1 

Hall  CBE  Henry  British band leader, composer, arranger and broadcaster  8 Randolph Mews  W9 

Hall  -  Marguerite Radclyffe  British novelist and poet  37 Holland Street  W8 

Hansom  -  Joseph Aloysius  Architect, editor and inventor of the Hansom cab  27 Sumner Place  SW7 

Hardy  -  Thomas  British novelist, poet and dramatist  16 Westbourne Park Villas  W2 

Harvard  -  John  Founder of Harvard University  103 Borough High Street  SE1 

Hendrix  -  Jimi (James Marshall)  American rock guitarist and singer  23 Brook Street  W1 

Herbert  Sir  Alan Patrick  British author, humorist and politician  12 Hammersmith Terrace  W6 

Herford  -  Robert Travers  Unitarian minister, scholar and interptreter of Judaism  Dr William's Library, 14 Gordon Square  WC1 

Hess  Dame  Myra  British concert pianist  48 Wildwood Road  NW11 

Hill  -  Benny  British comedian  1 and 2 Queen's Gate  SW7 

Hill  -  Octavia  British social reformer  2 Garbutt Place  W1 

Hitchcock  Sir  Alfred Joseph  British-born film director  517 Leytonstone High Road  E11 

Hofmann  -  August Wilhelm von  German scientist  9 Fitzroy Square  W1 

Holman-Hunt  OM  William  Painter  18 Melbury Road  W14 

Holmes  -  Sherlock  Fictional British consulting detective  221b Baker Street  W1 

Holtby  -  Winifred  British novelist  58 Doughty Street  WC1 

Hood  -  Thomas  Poet  2 Robert Street  WC2 

Hope  -  Bob  British-born American comedian  44 Craigton Road, Eltham  SE9 

Howard  Sir  Ebenezer  British town planner and reformer  50 Durley Road  N16 

Hudson  -  William Henry  Writer  40 St. Lukes Road  W11 

Hughes  -  David Edward  Inventor of a telegraph typewriter and the microphone  4 Great Portland Street  W1 

Hughes  -  Hugh Price  British Methodist preacher and founder of the Methodist Times  8 Taviton Street  WC1 

Hunt  -  James Henry Leigh  Essayist and poet  22 Upper Cheyne Row  SW3 

Huxley  -  Aldous Leonard  British novelist and essayist  16 Bracknell Gardens  NW3 

Huxley  Sir  Julian Sorrell  British biologist and first director-general of UNESCO  16 Bracknell Gardens  NW3 

Huxley  -  Leonard  Father of Aldous and Julian, and editor of Cornhill Magazine  16 Bracknell Gardens  NW3 

Ireland  -  John  Composer  14 Gunter Grove  SW3 

Ireland  -  John  British composer  14 Gunter Grove  SW10 

Jacobs  -  William Wymark  Short-story writer  15a Gloucester Gate  NW1 

James  -  Henry  Writer  34 De Vere Gardens  W8 

James  -  Henry  American novelist  34 De Vere Gardens  W8 

Jellicoe  OM  Earl  Admiral of the fleet  25 Draycott Place  SW3 

Jerome  -  Jerome Klapka  British humorist and writer  91-4 Chelsea Gardens, Chelsea Bridge Road  SW1 

Jinnah  -  Mohammed Ali  Founder of Pakistan  35 Russell Road  W14 

John  -  Augustus  Artist  28 Mallord Street  SW3 

Johnson  -  Amy  British aviator  Vernon Court, Hendon Way  NW2 

Jordan  -  Dorothy  Actress  30 Cadogan Place  SW1 

Joyce  -  James  Author  28 Campden Grove  W8 

Joyce  -  James Augustine Aloysius  Irish-born novelist  28b Campden Grove  W8 

Kalvos  -  Andreas  Greek poet and patriot  182 Sutherland Avenue  W9 

Karloff  -  Boris  Stage name for William Henry Pratt; actor (notablly in horror films)  36 Forest Hill Road  SE23 

Karsavina  -  Tamara Platonovna  Russian-born ballerina  108 Frognal, Hampstead  NW3 

Keats  -  John  British (English) poet  7 Keats Parade, Church Street, Edmonton  N9 

Keats  -  John  British (English) poet  Keats House, Keats Grove, Hampstead  NW3 

Keats  -  John  British (English) poet  87 Moorgate  EC2 

Kelly  Sir  Gerald  British portrait painter  117 Gloucester Place  W1 

Kelvin  Baron  William Thomson  Irish-born physicist  15 Eaton Place  SW1 

Kempe  -  Charles Eamer  Stained-glass artist and manufacturer  37 Nottingham Place  W1 

Kennedy  -  John Fitzgerald  35th American president  14 Princes Gate  SW7 

Keynes  Baron  John Maynard  British economist  46 Gordon Square  WC1 

Khan  Sir  Syed Ahmed  Muslim reformer and scholar  21 Mecklenburgh Square  WC1 

Kingsley  -  Charles  Writer  56 Old Church Street  SW3 

Kipling  -  Rudyard  British writer and poet  43 Villiers Street  WC2 

Kokoschka  -  Oskar  Austrian-born British painter  Eyre Court, Finchley Road  NW8 

Kossuth  -  Louis  Hungarian patriot  39 Chepstow Villas  W11 

Lambert  -  Constant  British composer, conductor, lyricist and critic  197 Albany Street  NW1 

Lang  -  Andrew  Man of letters  1 Marloes Road  W8 

Langtry  -  Lillie  Actress  Cadogan Hotel, 22 Pont Street  SW1 

Laughton  -  Charles  British-born stage and film actor  15 Percy Street  W1 

Lavery  Sir  John  Painter  5 Cromwell Place  SW7 

Lawrence  -  Arabella Susan  Social reformer and politician  44 Westbourne Terrace  W2 

Lawrence  -  D.H. (David Herbert)  British novelist and poet  1 Byron Villas, Vale of Health  NW3 

Lecky  -  W.E.H.  Historian and essayist  38 Onslow Gardens  SW7 

Leigh  -  Vivien  British actress and film star  54 Eaton Square  SW1 

Leighton  Lord  Frederick  Painter  Leighton House, 12 Holland Park Road  W14 

Lenin  -  Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov  Russian revolutionary leader  Site of 16 Percy Circus  WC1 

Lewis  -  Percy Wyndham  Painter  61 Palace Gardens Terrace  W8 

Lind  -  Jenny  Singer  189 Old Brompton Road  SW7 

Liszt  -  Franz  Hungarian composer and pianist  18 Great Marlborough Street  W1 

Lloyd-George  Earl  David  British prime minister  3 Routh Road  SW18 

Lovelace  Countess  Augusta Ada  British mathematician and writer  12 St James's Square  SW1 

Low  Sir  David  Cartoonist  33 Melbury Court, Kensington High Street  W8 

Low  Sir  David  British political cartoonist  Melbury Court, Kensington High Street 

Macaulay  Dame  Emilie Rose  British novelist  Hinde House, 11-14 Hinde Street  W1 

Macaulay  Lord  Thomas Babington  Historian  Atkins Buildings, Queen Elizabeth College, Campden Hill  W8 

Macmillan  -  Douglas  Founder of Macmillan Cancer Relief  15 Ranelagh Road  SW1 

Macneice  -  Louis  Irish poet  52 Canonbury Park South  N1 

Mallarme  -  Stephane  Poet  6 Brompton Square  SW3 

Marx  -  Karl  German social, economic and political theorist  101-8 Maitland Park Road  NW3 

Marx  -  Karl  German social, economic and political theorist  28 Dean Street  W1 

Maugham  -  William Somerset  British (English) novelist and short-story writer  6 Chesterfield Street  W1 

Maxwell  -  James Clerk  Physicist  16 Palace Gardens Terrace  W8 

May  -  Phil  Artist  20 Holland Park Road 

Mayer  Sir  Robert  British philanthropist and patron of music  2 Mansfield Street  W1 

Mee  -  Arthur  British journalist, writer and topographer  27 Lanercost Road, Tulse Hill  SW2 

Meredith  OM  George  Poet and novelist  7 Hobury Street  SW10 

Mill  -  John Stuart  Philosopher  18 Kensington Square  W8 

Millais  Sir Bt PRA  John Everett  Painter  2 Palace Gate  W8 

Milne  -  A.A.  Author of Winnie the Pooh  13 Mallord Street  SW3 

Milne  -  A.A. (Alan Alexander)  British writer  13 Mallord Street  SW3 

Miranda  -  Francisco de  58 Grafton Way  58 Grafton Way  W1 

Monckton- Copeman  -  Sydney  Immunologist  57 Redcliffe Gardens  SW10 

Montgomery  -Viscount  Bernard Law  British field marshal  Oval House, 52-4 Kennington Oval  SE11 

Moody  -Dr  Harold  -Medical practitioner and campaigner for racial equality  164 Queens Road  SE15 

Morgan  -  Charles Longbridge  British author and critic  16 Campden Hill Square  W8 

Mozart  -  Wolfgang Amadeus  Austrian composer  20 Frith Street  W1 

Napoleon III  -  Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte  Emperor of France  1c King Street, St James's  SW1 

Nash  -  Paul  British painter  Queen Alexandra Mansions, Bidborough Street  WC1 

Nehru  -  Jawaharlal  1st prime minister of India  60 Elgin Crescent  W11 

Newbolt  Sir  Henry  Poet  29 Campden Hill Road  W8 

Newton  Sir  Isaac  British scientist and mathematician  87 Jermyn Street  SW1 

Newton  Sir  Isaac  British scietist and mathematician  87 Jermyn Street  SW1 

Nicolson  -  Harold George  British author, biographer and diplomat  182 Ebury Street  SW1 

Noel-Baker  Baron  Philip John  British politician  16 South Eaton Place  SW1 

O'Casey  -  Sean  Irish playwright  49 Overstrand Mansions, Prince of Wales Drive  SW11 

Oldfield  -  Ann  British actress  60 Grosvenor Street  W1 

Orpen  Sir  William  Painter  8 South Bolton Gardens  SW5 

Palmer  -  Samuel  Artist  6 Douro Place  W8 

Palmerston  Viscount  Henry John Temple  British prime minister  94 Piccadilly  W1 

Pankhurst  -  Sylvia  Women's rights campaigner  120 Cheyne Walk  SW10 

Parry  Sir  Charles Hubert  Musician  17 Kensington Square  W8 

Peake  -  Mervyn  Author and artist  1 Drayton Gardens  SW10 

Peel  Sir  Robert  British prime minister  16 Upper Grosvenor Street  W1

Pelham  Sir  Henry  British prime minister  Rear of 22 Arlington Street  SW1 

Pitt  Earl  William 'the Elder'  British prime minister  10 St James's Square  SW1 

Pitt  -  William 'the Younger'  British prime minister  120 Baker Street  W1 

Place  -  Francis  Political reformer  21 Brompton Square  SW3 

Playfair  Sir  Nigel  Actor-manager  26 Pelham Crescent  SW7 

Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood  -  -  Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood formed here  7 Gower Street  WC1 

Priestley  -  J.B. (John Boynton)  British novelist, playwright and essayist  3 The Grove, Highgate  N6 

Rambert  Dame  Marie  Founder of Ballet Rambert  19 Campden Hill Gardens  W8 

Rambert  Dame  Marie  Polish-born British ballet dancer and teacher  19 Campden Hill Gardens  W8 

Ravilious  -  Eric William  British artist and engraver  48 Upper Mall, Hammersmith  W6 

Reith  Sir, Baron  John Charles Walsham  British pioneer of broadcasting  6 Barton Street  SW1 

Ricketts  -  Charles  Artist  Landsdowne House, 80 Lansdowne Road  W11 

Ripon  Marquess  George Frederick Samuel Robinson  Statesman and viceroy of India  9 Chelsea Embankment  SW3 

Robinson  -  James  British physician  14 Gower Street  WC1 

Rogers  Dr  Joseph  British health care reformer  33 Dean Street  W1 

Rosenberg  -  Isaac  British poet and artist  Whitechapel library, 77 High Street  E1 

Rosetti  -  Dante Gabriel  Poet and painter  16 Cheyne Walk  SW3 

Sackville-West  -  Victoria Mary  British writer and gardner  182 Ebury Street  SW1 

Salvin  -  Anthony  British architect  11 Hanover Terrace, Regent's Park  NW1 

Sargent  Sir  Harold Malcolm Watts  British conductor  Albert Hall Mansions, Kensington Gore  SW7

Sartorius  -  John F  Sporting painter  155 Old Church Street  SW3 

Sassoon  -  Siegfried  Writer  23 Campden Hill Square  W8 

Sassoon  -  Siegfried Lorraine  British writer  23 Campden Hill Square  W8 

Saunders  Sir, FRCS  Edwin  Royal dentist to Queen Victoria and Kind Edward VII  89 Wimbledon Parkside  SW19 

Scott  Sir  Giles Gilbert  British architect  Chester House, Clarendon Place  W2 

Scott  Captain  Robert Falcon  Antartic explorer  56 Oakley Street  SW3 

Sellers  -  Peter  British actor and comedian  10 Muswell Hill Road  N6 

Shakespeare  -  William  British dramatist and playwright  86-8 Curtain Road  EC2 

Shaw  -  George Bernard  Irish author dramatist and playwright  29 Fitzroy Square  W1 

Shelley  -  Mary  British author of Frankenstein  24 Chester Square  SW1

Shelley  -  Percy Bysshe  British poet and dramatist  15 Poland Street  W1 

Shepard  -  Ernest Howard  British cartoonist and book illustrator  10 Kent Terrace  NW1 

Sibelius  -  Jean  Composer  15 Gloucester Walk  W8 

Sibelius  -  Jean  Finnish composer  15 Gloucester Walk  W8 

Simon  Sir  John  Pioneer of public health  40 Kensington Square  W8 

Sitwell  Dame  Edith  British poet  Greenhill, Hampstead High Street  NW3 

Sloane  Sir  Hans  President of the Royal Society  Kings Mead, King's Road  SW3 

Smollet  -  Tobias  Novelist  16 Lawrence Street  SW3 

Sopwith  Sir  Thomas Octave Murdoch  British aviator, aircraft designer and yachtsman  46 Green Street  W1 

Stanford  Sir  Charles  Musician  56 Hornton Street  W8 

Stanley  -  William Ford Robinson  Inventor, manufacturer and philanthropist  12 South Norwood Hill  SE25 

Steer  -  Philip Wilson  Painter  109 Cheyne Walk  SW10 

Stephen  Sir  Leslie  Scholar and writer  22 Hyde Park Gate  SW7 

Stevenson  -  Robert Louis  British novelist, essayist and poet; author of Treasure Island   Abernathy House, Mount Vernon, Hampstead  NW3 

Stoker  -  Bram  Author of Dracula  18 St. Leonards Terrace  SW3 

Stone  -  Marcus  Artist  8 Melbury Road  W14 

Stone  -  Marcus  Painter and illustrator  8 Melbury Road  W14 

Stuart  -  John McDouall  First explorer to cross Australia  9 Campden Hill Square  W8 

Svevo  -  Italo  Italian-born novelist  67 Charlton Church Lane  SE7 

Swinburne  -  Algernon Charles  Poet  16 Cheyne Walk  SW3 

Tauber  -  Richard  German-born British tenor  Park West, Kendal Street  W2 

Tennyson  Baron  Alfred  British poet  9 Upper Belgrave Street  SW1 

Terry  Dame  Ellen  Actress  22 Barkston Gardens  SW5 

Thackeray  -  William Makepeace  Novelist  16 Young Street  W8 

Thackeray  -  William Makepeace  Novelist  2 Palace Green  W8 

Thackeray  -  William Makepeace  British novelist  16 Albion Street  W2 

Thomas  -  Dylan Marlais  British poet  54 Delancey Street  NW1 

Thorndike  Dame  Sybil  Dramatic actress  6 Carlyle Square  SW3 

Thornycroft  Sir  Hamo  Sculptor  2a Melbury Road  W14 

Tilak  -  Lokamanya  Indian newspaper owner, lawyer, philosopher and patriot  10 Howley Place  W2 

Tree  Sir  Herbert Beerbohm  Actor-manager  31 Rosary Gardens  SW7 

Turing  -  Alan  British code-breaker and computer scientist  2 Warrington Crescent  W9 

Twain  -  Mark  American writer  23 Tedworth Square  SW3 

Tweed  -  John  Sculptor  108 Cheyne Walk  SW10 

Underhill  -  Evelyn  British christian philosopher and teacher  50 Campden Hill Square  W8 

Underhill  -  Evelyn  Christian philosopher and teacher  50 Campden Hill Square  W8 

Van Gogh  -  Vincent  Dutch-born post-Impressionist painter  87 Hackford Road  SW9 

Voysey  -  Charles Francis Annesley  British architect and designer  6c Carlton Hill  NW8 

Waley  -  Arthur  Poet, translator and orientalist  50 Southwood Lane, Highgate  N6 

Wallace  Sir  William  British (Scottish) patriot  was executed near this spot. Outer wall of St Bartholomew's Hospital  EC1 

Walpole  Sir  Robert  British prime minister  5 Arlington Street  SW1 

Warlock  -  Peter Philip Arnold Heseltine  Composer  30 Tite Street  SW3 

Waterhouse  -  Alfred  British architect  61 New Cavendish Street  W1 

Waugh  -  Evelyn Arthur St John  British novelist  145 North End Road  NW11 

Weisz  -  Victor  German-born cartoonist  Welbeck Mansions, New Cavendish Street  W1 

Weizmann  -  Chaim  Scientist and 1st president of Israel  67 Addison Road  W14 

Wellcome  Sir  Henry  Pharmacist, philanthropist and aracheologist  6 Gloucester Gate  NW1 

Wells  -  H.G. (Herbert George)  British novelist and short-story writer; athor of The War of the Worlds  13 Hanover Terrace  NW1 

Wheeler  Sir  Mortimer  British archaeologist  27 Whitcomb Street  WC2 

Whistler  -  James Abbot McNeil  Painter and etcher  96 Cheyne Walk  SW10

Wilberforce  -  William  Opponent of slavery  44 Cadogan Place  SW1 

Wilde  -  Oscar O'Flahertie Wills  Dramatist and wit  Rear of Theatre Royal, Haymarket  SW1 

Wilde  -  Oscar O'Flahertie Wills  Dramatist and wit  34 Tite Street  SW3 

Wodehouse  -  P.G. (Pelham Grenville)  British novelist  17 Dunraven Street  W1 

Wren  Sir  Christopher  British architect of St Paul's Cathedral  49 Bankside Cardinal's Wharf  SE1 

Zola  -  Emile Edouard Charles Antoine  French novelist  Queen's Hotel, 122 Church Road  SE19 




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